When the three major Applications were submitted very many people in the village raised their objections with Mid Suffolk. In fact the number of villagers who wrote in was incredibly high for this small village and was very impressive, showing the great strength of feeling against over development.

SAFE has been involved in both writing and organising specific lobbying papers. These  are different  to the objections submitted to Mid Suffolk. They mainly deal with single aspects of infrastructure and the impact on village life. These papers have been sent individually and personally to each of the District Councillors who sit on the Planning Committee and who will eventually decide whether development will go ahead or not.

Altogether a number of papers have been sent dealing with various aspects of traffic, especially in New Street; flooding;  the sewerage system; primary health care; heritage and the environment;

Below are all our lobby papers – Click on the titles below to view the paper in full:

Lobby Paper – Sustainability Detailed Paper

Lobby Paper – Stradbroke Road Development Objection

Lobby Paper – Sustainability Summary

Lobby Paper – Heritage

Lobby Paper – Problems with flooding and sewerage in Fressingfield

Lobby Paper – An Overview of Flooding and Sewage Egress in Fressingfield

Lobby Paper – SCC Highways Paper Response

Lobby Paper – Fressingfield Flood Risk & Drainage

Lobby Paper – Fressingfield Sewerage Capacity

Lobby Paper – Fressingfield Developments – Highways and Road Safety Issues

Lobby Paper – General Comments on Proposed Housing Developments

Lobby Paper – Post Mill & Traffic

Lobby Paper – Enhanced Child Safety Dangers

Lobby Paper – Highways Historic Objections

Lobby Paper – Heritage & Environment

Lobby Paper – Fressingfield Sewerage

Lobby Paper – Traffic Issues

Lobby Paper – Impact of Housing Developments on Primary Care in Fressingfield

Lobby Paper – Road Traffic Accidents in Fressingfield

Lobby Paper – John Shepherd Road

Lobby Paper – Fressingfield Village Hierarchy

Lobby Paper – Low Road Historic Flooding

Lobby Paper – Highways (Post Mill)

Lobby Paper – Post Mill Fressingfield

Lobby Paper – John Shepherd & Traffic

Lobby Paper – Government Housing Policy

Report on Public Meeting with Hannah Wilson, the Pre-Development Planning Manager with Anglian Water Services Limited

We have been in detailed correspondence with Suffolk Wildlife on ecological issues, particularly the finding of greater crested newts on the Post Mill and have given photographs to the Planning Department –